Keep Care Services In-House

Where there is an ongoing need (eg care for the elderly, residential homes, day services etc), it cannot make sense to out-source, knowing that much of the cost is used to provide profit for owners and managers. Besides which, they may use cheap, unskilled labour to keep their profits up. A better, and in the long-run cheaper, service can be provided by Council staff – with more careful supervision than currently exists to give the necessary protection and dignity to the elderly and infirm.

All Council services should aim at efficient use of taxpayers money. There is no excuse for wastage anywhere. Protecting the vulnerable is even more important than saving a few pennies - and a lot more important than filling a few private pockets.

Incidentally, I also believe that hospital cleaning should not be out-sourced. Cleaning staff used to have a pride in their hospital but you can't help feeling that, to outside cleaners, it's just another job – even though that job could promote health or spread infection.