Protect & Improve the Global Environment!

That may sounds obvious but have you noticed how many countries and businesses are not changing their ways to leave something for the future, other than debt!

As a society in UK, we have made some progress in the "Reduce, Re-use, Recycle" arena but not enough.

Bristol’s recycling collections have grown – I assume all that stuff is being processed correctly.

But we should do more to reduce pollution and avoid wastage of earth’s resources in everything we do.

I was pleased to see UWE (University of West of England) installing a good number of solar panels.
However, this report page 11 para 2.6.3 worryingly seems to suggest that equipping public buildings with solar PV "does not appear to break even within the modelled time period." This surprises me. Perhaps more could be done if less was spent on expensive consultancy reports?