Protect Bristol's Greenspace & Careful Development

D'you remember back in 2010 when Bristol Council were trying to sell-off quite a lot of Bristol’s greenspace for development. Indeed, some of it went ahead (eg near Horfield Common) and you may know developments near you.

I think Bristol needs to keep its remaining greenspace and not allow anymore to be chewed up...

  • Greenspace is vital to the health and wellbeing of all Bristol residents – it is not a luxury that should be disposed of.
  • Bristol is already creaking (eg the obvious road congestion in many parts of the city) and building more houses/flats can only exacerbate this situation, to the detriment of everyone.
  • To retain its character, Bristol needs to keep its greenspace and improvements to them may actually increase their usage further and improve the general fitness and health of residents, and reduce costs to NHS etc.
After a long fight (by Friends of Horfield and individuals), some spaces were saved eg the tennis courts, bowling green and immediate surroundings at Horfield but the Council seemed very slow to listen to the needs of residents.

There have been several independent e-petitions attempting to protect Bristol greenspace eg:
Flogging 90 acres to developers
Stapleton Allotments
Daisy Field & Lamplighters, Shire
Allotments Shirehampton and Bristol
Laundry Field, Fishponds
but, really, the Mayor and Council should be protecting them for all Bristolians, now and in the future.

There are also concerns about the Council damaging access to greenspaces, such as charging for parking at Ashton Court. Access should be free.

Although not greenspace, there are concerns about further housing development eg:
Filton airport
and TA site on Whiteladies Rd

And, similarly, concerns about the loss of sports access eg by converting the ice rink into more student housing.
And also the loss of Whiteladies Road Picture House to yet more development.

Some intensive housing development has gone on (some having to be demolished and rebuilt!) in what, to me, seems clearly unsuitable locations eg literally at the end of gardens. (eg see pictures here).
This is certainly an invasion of privacy for the garden-owners but the original very cramped accommodation could easily aggravate any mental health problems and issues of claustrophobia etc. Despite a petition by the local residents affected, the then Council bulldozed ahead (quite literally!). (Those cramped flatlets were also knocked down within a few years and more built on the same site! Not exactly long-term planning!)

I should say that I am not against all development, for instance the idea behind the Wavegarden UK development on the Portway seems to bring a useful extra facility to Bristol in an area which is currently underutilised.
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