Listen More to Bristolians

Iíve mentioned elsewhere that, in the past, the Council has been very poor at listening to residents eg building cramped accommodation at the end of peopleís gardens, selling off our greenspace for housing development, wrecking Whiteladies Road, blocking off and restricting roads which hinder business, and many other issues. That desperately needs to change.

Attitude is very important here! Some people at the Council can seem to be very arrogant (ever tried speaking to a planning officer?). That must change. Council staff - we, if you elect me - must always remember we are paid because of the hard work of Bristol citizens: they have the right to be listened to. Council staff are public servants, not masters. That is not something to be ashamed of. To be in public service is a privilege and an honourable occupation. To be able to improve life for thousands of people is the reward.

So, how do we listen ...

  • For those with internet access, the e-petitions are a good way of raising issues and showing the support they have. The Council should listen.
      Topics started by the Council can use the same mechanism eg to discover which new or re-opened rail routes would be the most useful and the most effective at providing a real alternative to car use.

  • For those without internet access, we need another way. How about a regular radio programme about local Bristol issues and changes that are happening. People could write in with questions and suggestions.

Bristol manifesto with the Evening Post are "collecting the views and wishes of the people of Bristol in an online survey" which is great and, just as importantly, continues "After the election, the Manifesto can keep developing, and it should help the new Mayor know what voters want".

It's important for the people who live here to be able to let the Council know their views.