Brief Summary

  1. Reduce the gap between rich and poor
    With the country £ billions in debt and many families struggling, we should find fairer means of dividing wealth. Reward ability, dedication and success certainly but not outlandishly. We can start with Bristol Council itself. In 2012, Bristol is paying the Chief Executive £150,000 per year.
      Every £100,000 paid to managers is £100,000 not spent on services!
  2. Public money is not free money – don’t waste it!
    A lot of money may get spent on consultancy with indefinite results; on fixing things that don’t need fixing; on out-sourcing important and sensitive services; and in servicing public debts that are so inefficient and expensive to the taxpayer.    Public servants should be more careful with public money.
  3. Protect Bristol’s greenspace & careful development
    Since 2010 the Council have been busy trying to sell off a lot of greenspace that belongs to Bristol – the Council should be protecting our future, not selling it!
  4. Protect the global environment
    Bristol City Council should lead the way in increasing and improving recycling, in the use of alternative energy, and in reducing waste and pollution.
  5. Keep care services in-house
    Where there are long-term, on-going services – especially sensitive ones for vulnerable people – the Council should vet, continuously monitor and retain its own staff. Paying an outside company to make profits doesn’t make sense and, worse, it takes too much risk with vulnerable people’s lives.
  6. Listen more to Bristolians
    The Council could do a lot more here – e-petitions are a good idea but those without internet access must be heard as well ... and listened to!
  7. Keep Bristol moving – Better than Bus Lanes
    Bristol is a very busy city. Our road planning often seems to hinder rather than help, with roadspace cluttered and cramped, and wasted on empty bus lanes. I have several ideas to improve the efficiency and get us all moving more safely and efficiently around our city - better for bus users and better for other motorists as well!
  8. Protect libraries and museums
    With something like 8 million people still not connected and using the internet, it’s important to have paper information and computer access easily available.
  9. Planning Restrictions
    Central government is making this easier but we need to be careful how it’s applied locally so that easier planning doesn’t destroy our city’s greenspace and cityscape. Before allowing development of any town or city, it is vital to consider the wellbeing of those already living there.
  10. Encourage better health and sports
    Bristol has a lot of facilities available although some are expensive to use very often. Perhaps more can be done to subsidise costs eg reduce running costs by harvesting solar power.
      A healthier Bristol is good for everyone.
  11. Work to make Bristol more prosperous
    It is obviously important to keep Bristol prosperous – but unless we can work towards fairer sharing and use of that prosperity, who does it really help ?
  12. Encourage local thinking
    We can’t forget we’re part of the global community but we can focus on some quick wins that directly affect many Bristolians every day, like making transport cheaper, cleaner and more efficient.
  13. Improve Inter-Connectivity between Local Business & Community
    The Mayor should meet with local business and listen to how the Council can help eg start-up tax breaks, encouraging apprenticeships, and a closer link with the community via sponsorships of time and expertise, as well as funding.